The ULTIMATE SOCCER DICTIONARY, a Soccer Glossary of American Terms

The COMPLETE version of The ULTIMATE SOCCER DICTIONARY of American Terms is a soccer glossary with over 4,000 (football) terms and is available in a PAPERBACK edition and as a Kindle eBook for better soccer coaching.

» NOTICE:  The description of the full and complete paperback and electronic versions of “The ULTIMATE SOCCER DICTIONARY of American Terms” states that the publication is “abridged.”  The Dictionary is COMPLETE.  (It was simply edited to correct an error.) «

Written by John Harves – successful collegiate player, coach, and experienced referee – The ULTIMATE SOCCER DICTIONARY of American Terms is also the vital resource to help players, coaches, parents, fans, administrators, and journalists learn American soccer terminology and current jargon and to better understand the game and the rules.

In addition to the complete softcover and eBook versions, the dictionary is available in two abridged Kindle eBook versions, “CONDENSED” and “BASIC.”  The “CONDENSED” and “BASIC” Kindle versions are intended to make the abridged portions of the dictionary more affordable for as wide an audience as possible – especially for young players.

Paperback, Complete ($19.99) at (PAPERBACK, COMPLETE)

Kindle eBook, Complete ($9.99) (Kindle eBook, COMPLETE version)

Kindle eBook, CONDENSED ($3.99) (Kindle eBook, CONDENSED version)

Kindle eBook, BASIC ($1.99) (Kindle eBook, BASIC version) 

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